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From January 24, 2012 Meeting

Dynamic Photography Editing Techniques:

CameraAbout Viewfinder PALs

To support those interested in capturing images with their cameras, the Perquimans Art League proudly announces the formation of a group for photography enthusiasts.
The first meeting was held on Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at Perquimans County Recreation Center, where the name was chosen: Viewfinder PALs.
The purpose of Viewfinder PALs is to encourage area photographers with information and peer support at regular gatherings. Participants share techniques, consider special topics of interest and organize/participate in photo tour experiences. The needs and wishes of those who attend the gatherings are driving the activities of the group.
Viewfinder PALs is facilitated by PAL members, Carole Oste and Julia Stapleton. Carole served as the photo specialist (or city photographer) for many years in Virginia Beach (the only employee to have ever held that title). Julia is an avid amateur photographer and is using her background in administration to keep the group on track and functioning.
  1. To learn more about using our cameras and photography techniques
  2. To expand knowledge of photo opportunities in the region
  3. To benefit from the knowledge and experiences of our peers
  4. To share favorite pictures and photo services in an informal setting

  1. To experience photography tours in small groups at natural settings (Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, Lake Phelps, Dismal Swamp, Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge)
  2. To take field trips as a large group to special places that could provide photographic experiences (e.g., Chrysler Museum of Art, butterfly farm, bird sanctuary, Virginia Zoo)
  3. To learn more about software-enhancing techniques (e.g., Windows Live Photo Gallery, Photoshop, high dynamic range imaging, and online editing through service providers)
  4. To explore photography equipment such as lenses, tripods, lighting alternatives, high dynamic range imaging, etc.

NOTE: No contests - only fellowship & peer mentoring